There’s nothing like standing on a windy cliff face, peering into a rocky abyss to shake off the Christmas cobwebs.

Make your way west to Mizen Head, Ireland’s most southwesterly point, and descend the 99 steps to the iconic bridge that spans the gorge below.

Here’s 21 fecking terrifying shots taken by Instagrammers who braved the void.

Take care en route. The locals are savage.

Artsy signage. So far, so good…

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It starts with spectacular sea views…

Oh, and a major workout for little legs.

There are plenty of ancient rock formations to help you ponder your existence on the way.

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Until, through the mist, the spiky gateway appears…

On the other side? THIS.

We repeat.

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This is what you’re dealing with.

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Resist the urge to do this…

If you’ve ever had vertigo it’s probably best not to look down.

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To recap, you are here.

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To distract yourself, picture spending the night in a house that is sliding off a cliff face.

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La la la la la lala…

Back to reality and it’s not so bad from the sides…

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It’s mind over matter really, right?

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But be warned, there’s no avoiding what’s under your feet…


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Okay thanks, bye.

Hold on tight to guard rail as you take in the very edge of Ireland.

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Your death-defying selfie awaits…

Planning a visit? You can check out the opening times and ticket prices here.